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I kind of get what Jane is saying though, personal preferences in what turns you on do not equal non acceptance. I accept that in the case of male homosexuality though, there is a wealth of what seems to be negative 'personal preference' due to wider homophobic society. Using words like 'distasteful' is needlessly negative, it is good enough to say, it does not turn you on.

Porn is, for the most part geared towards men and mostly hetero men at that, hetero men appear to prefer porn that features women, so it makes sense that gay porn would not be of interest to them. I hear some lesbians love male gay porn, it has never done anything for me.

Gay lovemaking in the context of any story can be beautiful, does it turn me on? No (but then, porn with men in it at all is a bit of a turn off for me and in that, I mean, it does not sexually stimulate me, but then neither does women using toys, spitting or men coming over women's faces, it grosses me out, but I accept other people must like it or there would not be a market for it) I don't like hetero porn either but again, straight lovemaking in the context of a story can be beautiful also.

I think it unwise to give the impression that people cannot voice that fact because they may hurt someone's feelings. Everything must be taken in its correct context.
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