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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
From your post, you seem to be saying that because I have personal turn-ons/turn-offs that I am personally "not allowing" men to be bisexual? Everyone has their own turn-offs/turn-ons.
No, not saying that exactly. That would imply I'm targeting you, and that's not the case.

It's more about the summation of statements voicing distaste for homosexual sex. If you're an impressionable young person, forming their first opinions on sex, and all you see around you are negative statements about B2B sex, then it's not too hard to see that this could color your newly-forming beliefs.

And then say you come to this forum, where people are incredibly accepting of a wide range of persuasions, and everyone seems so accepting of everyone else's opinions. It's just great. But then you see people who openly voice their distaste for gay sex. One has to wonder why.

You could add that these people shouldn't be influenced by your statements, and I agree, they shouldn't. But we all know that if most people are surrounded by a certain belief, in volume, they will conform to that belief. At least for some portion of their lives.

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post

I don't see why my personal preferences - in terms of porn or sexual activities that I am willing to participate in/witness/think or fantasize about - matters to anyone but me and the people that I am involved with (who happen to be straight guys and bi-women).
Simply put, your personal preferences don't matter to others. Until you voice them to others. Then they matter.

In no way shape or form am I saying for anyone to withhold their opinions about any subject. If I appear to be voicing an opinion that could be viewed as trying to suppress yours, that is not my intent. But, I also know you're not the masses, you know this is just my opinion.

And I'm bringing this up for the sake of awareness. And I'm doing it in this forum, where I know people will get what I'm saying.

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