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Is your relationship to your girlfriend a one-sided one? Like patient-caregiver?

Because with my Alzheimer dad, that's part of the deal now. One sided. He CANNOT handle certain things and cope. And to expect him to is not realistic. As caregiver mom just no longer expects to have a healthy two-way dynamic. Neither do I.

Another type of needed "one sided" relationship is that of parent-baby. The parents KNOWS they are dealing with another human being who cannot realistically be expected to play ball in a health two-way-street thing because the child is underage... maybe not even able to talk at all yet.

If your relationship is moving to you in caregiver role -- expecting things to get to the one-sided place because your patient is losing skills? It's a hard row to hoe. But there are support groups for caregivers to help deal with caregiver burn out and caregivers getting their own needs met.

If your patient is capable though... the more normal interaction the better.

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