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I think that when personal lifestyle choices, or needs, or preferences, or genetic imperatives conflict with the faith that you have taken on board (whether it be christianity, buddhism, taoism, paganism, agnosticism or atheism) it needs to be faced in some way. If not, then I think it becomes one of those things that can eat at the soul and the sense of self.

Some people can find a place in their religion for how they choose to, or feel compelled to live their lives, and some can not. Some feel that while they can still follow the teachings of that religion, they do not fit within their local congregation, and that, in and of itself, can be a huge challenge. I would suggest that resolving this latter issue is easier in larger cities, where there tends to be a wider variety of implementations of each faith, while still considered within the faith. I think that in smaller communities this often means keeping your faith, while not being able to participate in local congregations, which is a shame, because often they are a source of support and comfort to them.

So I guess I am suggesting that this issue is not a uniquely christian one.

I am certain that this becomes even more of an issue in countries with a less liberal attitude towards freedom of religious choice.

jasminegld, thank you for sharing this part of your story with us.
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