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It is interesting to me as I read this thread...the question is usually asked to me from friends that are not in this LS.."Do you want to know what the other is doing" My situation is not really complicated...I have a husband and bf, and my bf has a wife ( his wife dates)..and my husband has a gf...(gf only sees my husband) So we have a very open and communicating life. However we also keep our relationships separate from each other out of respect for everyone. The only thing is there is an understanding with my bf and I that he there is no lying so we are upfront if we sleep with anyone else or see anyone else( in two years that has not happened) However before he went to Australia for 6 weeks he asked me if I wanted to know the details if anything was to happen when he was there. My answer was nope..just that it did happen. Now if I was to ask, he would tell me. Same rule is with my husband..However if something really hot sexualy happened with my h and his gf..he would tell me and it would not bother me at all..unless his gf is not comfortable having him share the details, he wont. It comes down to respect and honesty. To be honest...I love sex talk..give me the dirt on sex with others.. I will give you all the sex talk you want about me...but only if you want to......
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