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Funny that question is asked to me...because it is true, I just spent two hours skyping with my bf..and I believe the that fact that he is quite busy with work, and now my husband is off on his adventure, I felt alone. Lately my bf has been here when my husband has been on his dates so I never felt alone. Now with my bf so busy that I get one or text a day and my husband is in lala land..I was feeling neglected and forgot who I was as a person.
So I picked myself up..and even though the distance and the busy times at work are not new to my bf and me, I told him how I felt..and truth be told, I have had my adventure with my bf for the last two years while my husband watched and had his own struggles. So it is not fair of me to feel this way because my husband is experiencing something new and wonderful.
One of the main reasons why we ventured into this wonderful world is so we can embrace new people into our lives and feel free to experience what is put in front of us. I had a moment last night..that is true..I am human and a woman lol and I let my emotions get the best of me, I thought with my heart and not with my head. Thanks for sharing...
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