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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post

Ignoring things can lead to bigger problems!

Sometimes business models, while geared toward business communication sometimes really spell it out well. Communication styles, the verbal, the paraverbal, etc.

Yes. I don't know about other systems but there's lots for NVC.

Part of growing older is to reconcile the believes and teachings of childhood with the beliefs of adulthood. We all come with our peculiar mixture of "baggage" -- nobody is baggage free. But taking the time to reflect and sort and cast off things that no longer serve one well -- beliefs, habits, attitudes, etc -- helps one travel light in Life's Journey.

Thank you, GalaGirl. I did look online, but had mistakenly thought the business sites would not be of use. I will look again.
I have never heard of non-violent communication, but will also spend some time trying to learn about that.
It's the reconciling you bring up that I struggle with. I know intellectually that communication needs to happen, but it feels "wrong" to actually try to speak if there seems to be a chance my words will cause anxiety. It's incredibly frustrating. One of my friends recently told me, "I know you understand, you just don't believe".
I so appreciate your taking the time to give me some new directions to look into.
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