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Default Hi other Poly people!

We are a poly couple, or atleast I think that's what you'd call us! We're not to sure how this all works, etc. I know that I want a girlfriend, and I know that he wants a girlfriend. I know that we enjoy being with a woman together, and that we aren't jealous of each other as long as we are both 100% in the know of whats going on. I do not want another guy, he's it for me. But I want to watch him fall in love with another girl as much as I want to fall in love with one as well! We've had our share of "experiences". But they come and go. We both want to find a "experience" that continues. That doesn't stop. That will one day maybe result in having another full blown partner. Is that poly?

Anyways........We just wanted to say Hi and introduce ourselves to everyone! Look forward to talking with everyone and it's cool to know that we aren't alone!
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