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Agender (FAAB, and fine with female pronouns since it's just easier to not correct everyone in my life, especially since I'm not particularly androgynous most of the time), queer and civilly united. I sometimes identify as "bisexual" out of some sort of political affiliation...since growing up, when I still identified as female, I got SO much shit for it both from the queer and straight communities. But given the givens it's just kind of incorrect.

Both my partner and my metamour identify roughly the same way as I do with variances in performance and leanings - which is entirely coincidental and wasn't something I was looking for, especially since I've been dating my wife since we were in high school and neither one of us even really knew we had an option besides the two checkboxes on the forms. Didn't know polyamory was a thing back then either :P

I typically am attracted to androgynous-leaning-slightly-femme performing people of any gender.
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