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Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
His wife is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and one night she was upset and broke her laptop in half with her bare hands. Then she tore her dress in half. Then he went to the store, and she walked barefoot a mile to meet him in the parking lot.
That right there is more than an anxiety disorder. I have had anxiety for over a decade now (officially diagnosed in 2003 after a very special plane ride). I've known plenty of other people with anxiety. I have never seen it manifest like that, in me or anyone else.

He should not have asked her whether she wanted to go in. He should have told her she was going and left her ass in the ER, preferably with a needle full of Haldol jabbed into said ass. She was the kind of unwell that wanted seeing-to then and there.

He dropped her off and started to leave, and when she asked him where he was going, he said, "You don't get to know that," and went to his best friend's place...
Then again, he appears to have his head firmly tucked up his own backside, so.

A couple days later, his wife informed him that while he was at his friend's place (and mine), she had gathered up all the pills in the house she could find and a razor blade. She took them out to the hill by their house, wrote a suicide note, and sat there thinking about it. She didn't self-harm or take the pills. As he told me about this, he stated that this is actually an improvement on her behavior... they both came to an agreement that destroying her computer and all the rest was better than her cutting herself (which she has a history of).
REALLY not an anxiety disorder. Try borderline, try severe depression, try the manic-depressive spectrum, but don't blame this one on anxiety unless she's so miserable from the anxiety that all she wants is to stop the misery. I've had to be talked down a few times because when I've been anxious without much respite/normalcy/recovery time, I wonder if it will only end when I'm dead.

He was a right idiot to leave her alone that night, though, and taken with everything else you've posted, they need to get their shit together before they involve themselves with anyone else.

This is so fucking unhealthy.
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