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Default Tables are turned

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site, and I have been searching for a place that I can learn from others and that quite possibly have the same positive and negative quirks that I have in the poly world.
A quick back ground, I am a bi female, married (2nd marriage) and both believe in the poly lifestyle, entered together as we came from not very balanced previous marriages. I have had a bf for the last two years, who is also married and in an open marriage. I am in love with two men, there is no question, my bf lives a couple of hours away from me, we try to see each other every week, but we have families and work so sometimes it can be difficult. Plus his job takes him out of the country sometimes. My husband, who is a wonderful man just recently in the last month has developed a relationship with another woman. However in the last two years, he has what he likes to call dabbled in the sexual aspect of relationships. He is now experiencing a relationship with a woman, who is not married or has children. ( we have 5 all together) The tables are not I am writing this, he is at her house, I am home alone for the first time as my bf is quite busy with work and we will not see each other for another two weeks. The question I have is why all of sudden do I feel lonely. I am a very strong independent woman, with a career with a lot of friends. Yet I am sad...I miss my bf a lot but our situation is reality, and I am kind of jealous that my husband has found a woman that he does not just want to "dabble" sexually with. To be honest I have been searching everywhere for a site like this, people that I can talk to. ahhhh need to chat lol
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