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Question just getting starteed

HI All,

I am 36 year old female in Florida. I have recently become very bi curious and although I am in love with a fella, he also wants to be able to be with other women. (truthfully, the idea turns me on something fierce). Well, last night he did it. Met another woman, had sex told me all about it.

We have discussed me having someone to play with too and he typically changes the subject. He hasn't said no, but I think he will. To me this a double standard. There are several thousand miles between so we can't physically be together like I'd or he'd like. I get that he needs to get off with someone flesh and blood and he knows it turns me on, which is even more incentive for him.

The issue is, I want to do the same. I want to have his dick me and suck on some other fella too....but he always changes the subject.

IS this a double standard to you and how do I talk to him about this and my needs to get off too when he isn't around.? That's a lot as an intro, but I'm strugglin here folks. THanks for your advice.
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