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Originally Posted by PhilosophicallyLost View Post
Helo: I am struggling with feeling like my husband wants a lot of my time. It feels like he sees it as his right
Was entitlement to your time, emotions, or body a standard thing in your relationship prior to your announcing that you are not monogamous? I only ask because, if so it might be an uncomfortable learning curve for him to realize that things have changed in that regard.

Originally Posted by PhilosophicallyLost View Post
Marcus: I can see the ownership perspective in a poly setting as well.
This is not a monogamy issue; people thinking they are entitled to own aspects of other people. I suspect it is more rampant in monogamous couples but poly arrangements seem to have the same difficulties. My only guess would be that most of us came up as monogamous and still live in a monogamous society (at least I am, here in the south U.S.) so those traditions are engrained and endlessly reinforced.
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