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Originally Posted by Magdlyn
Secondly, I blame the Bible. The small beleaguered tribe of Israelites needed to breed, and breed fast and large. Squished between the enormous powerful empires of Egypt and Babylon and Persia, all recommendations were to get the sperm into the multiple wives and make warriors quick quick quick! Men couldnt do this if they were busy with each other. Now, in Sparta, it was a different story, hehe.
I blame people, not religion, gurus, politicians, etc. I can see two possibilities:
1. They have herd instinct and believe in hierarchy.
2. They are just 'evil'.

Originally Posted by Tonberry
Well, since it came up in the conversation... not sure how it's relevant, but I find B2B a turn-on, and G2G a turn off.... as well as G2B, for the most part. I usually don't enjoy any porn that features females, which I always thought made sense since I'm not interested in females... but I seem to be the minority here.

It's less of an issue in written porn, though, as long as it doesn't spend time describing the female (I skip these parts anyways).

I usually prefer B alone, though. B2B a close second.

I personally don't see why it would be wrong that people be accepting of other people's tastes. I certainly wouldn't stop two women from having sex or a relationship, and the fact that I wouldn't enjoy watching it just means that I don't watch it. As far as I know, most of them wouldn't want me watching them either anyways.
In your post you're focused mostly on the physicality. I wanna focus on another topic. Ok, in Canada there is possibilty to legalize homosexual relationship, but monogamous. There is no country in the Western world which allows polygamous marriages, in most countries even monogamous homosexual mariagges aren't allowed and who is responsible for this?

SchrodingersCat, in my opinion you're simply wrong.
Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat
"This conversation is over" is a judgement (that they're not worth consideration).
No, that's my freedom, their freedom also.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat
"Those people are disgusting" is so obviously a judgement that I shouldn't even have to explain it.
Yes, that's a judgement, but "For me, people that belong to the 'norm' are just disgusting." isn't. I have the right to be somewhat misanthropic and openly declare, that I' m disgusted by more then 95% of people.

Actally, people like me are judged, because democratic society choose for them and trying to limit possibilities on not only one field.
If x say that hates and doesn't want to talk with people that like pop music it's not judgemental, it's just right to choose, but when majority tell x that he/ she can only listen to pop music, and when he/ she wants to listen another genres of music, have to do it on another rights and preferably should hide it, that's just wrong.
I think, that you're the man, who never says "It's red, it's green and it's blue.", for you everything is somewhere between, preferably near the center.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
Your reaction saddens me. If someone who´s male and straight [straight in its usual connotation - in discussions like this one - of heterosexual] "admits" to being male and straight, WHY should that disgust you?
You have changed meaning of my opinion.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
I´ve looked at your profile. According to that, you´re male. No more information, so I don´t know whether you´re

a) straight, but refuse to define yourself as "male, straight" because it´s the ACT of labelling oneself that disgusts you;

b) gay and are disgusted by straights;

c) bi and are disgusted by people who limit their sexuality to one sex;

d) either gay or bi and what disgusts you is that straight males are (generally) the people who call the shots in this society. (Though that is a VERY different thing from the "norm".)

"Norm": what is normal (average or the majority, depending on one´s definition). Since there are more female [humans] on this planet than male ones, surely "female" is more the norm than "male"?
e) pansexual and what disgusts me are for example ordinariness, and that it's just lies in many cases- Almost everybody knows: , but where are nonmonosexuals, where are men who tell that they wanna try something else? I clearly wrote "something like "male, straight"", there is long list of unpopolar indicator topics like this, but most people manifest that they're fit in, and part of that society with such pride, that usually there is no need to ask any question. This is good point to mention rules known as law. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that not only me but most of users are discriminated and who make a law in democratic countries? In my opinion not politicians, not some evil "anty" groups, but majority. They aren't somewhere, aren't strangers, they're "normal" people. They show hatred to people like me, want to limit me. I just don't wanna talk to them, feel disgust. I don't wanna affect their lifes, but they want affect mine. Who is the rude one, me or the majority? Did you see a movie 'Easy rider'?

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
Since I have no more information about you, let me make contradictory "suppositions" and see where each one leads us:

1) You´re human, male and a U.S. citizen. This puts you in THE most powerful, oppressive, destructive group of living beings on this planet. You make me puke. I refuse to continue conversing with you.

2) You´re human, male and - although not a U.S. citizen - you´re white. This puts you in a wider, less concentrated version of THE most powerful, oppressive, destructive group of living beings on this planet. You make me puke. I refuse to continue conversing with you.

3) You´re human, male and non-white. This puts you in THE most popülous group of human beings on this planet... bar the female non-whites. And males are generally more oppressive to females than vice versa. So YOU´RE the oppressive norm!!! You make me puke. I refuse to continue conversing with you.

4) You´re an incredibly intelligent non-human male animal, who´s mastered how to handle a computer AND express yourself [relatively] coherently. You non-human animals outnumber us humans by a factor of many millions. You´re the norm! You make me puke. I refuse to continue conversing with you.

5) You´re actually female and lied on your profile. You´re a LIAR!!! You make me puke. I refuse to continue conversing with you.
Human, male, white, was born and live in Europe. Say what you want, I don't care.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
This forum, this web-site is about supporting other people who´ve made an often uncomfortable, difficult choice: to live a poly life; to include and cherish monos who are in love with polys; to offer information to "outsiders" who are curious... or nervous of "getting wet" in the poly pool. It distresses me to see blanket rejections of ANYONE because of their sex, their sexual orientation, or their sexual 3-D relationship-configurations.
This is YOUR choice and your ways of life, I made many choices like this and don't want a medal. By the way- monos are "norm". LOL Your problem is that you are focusing on one thing, when there are lots of important factors. I have "friend for life" (Something else than temporary relatioships known from "norm".) who, when we first met, has different views on at least two important for me topics, but just saw that don't belong to 'norm', so yes this is simple, bay not as simple as you think.

Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight
I have a confession to make, but I first want to make clear that this confession is NOT why I replied as I have. It was NOT about defending people like myself. Exactly the opposite: it was about NOT attacking those who are different from ourselves. Having said that, here comes the confession:

I´m male [not by choice], I´m straight [not by choice], I´m white [not by choice]. OK, OK, I make you puke. I´ll just have to live with that. But I´ll tell you something, Mate: I´m one of the LEAST normal people that I know. Teenagers laugh at me on the streets, toddlers stare / gaze at me, 4-to-8-year-olds are sometimes wary to begin with then climb all over me, my friends rib me [affectionately, I HOPE!!!] Adult strangers who have never picked up a hitch-hiker in their lives tell me: "You´ve got an honest face, hop in!" and take me 100s of km on our common way... then THANK me for the experience of sharing each other´s company.

I might make some people just puke, that's the end of conversation, even if it has never started. I may be disgusting... but I am NOT "norm"!!!
You really think that I'm the attacking one, not people who wanna restrict your rights, this is so "normal".
Aren't you American?
Maybe you are unique on many fields, but the fields you named are irrelevant to me.

Originally Posted by Marcus
If not being "in to" watching a certain type of sexual interaction is wrong... sorry, that'd just a dumb thing to say. I don't interpret these posts as making that point. It's the strong visceral anti-expression wording that has rightfully caused some concern.
Probably everything is explained above.
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