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Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply View Post
Even in this forum it is openly acceptable for people to say that the thought of B2B sex is a turn off for them. So far, I have not seen such a visceral reaction regarding G2G sex. And that's in this forum!
Since I am one of the (few) people on this forum that have said "that the thought of B2B sex is a turn off" for me, I feel compelled to respond. (I'll have to do some self-analysis to figure out why that is...)

From your post, you seem to be saying that because I have personal turn-ons/turn-offs that I am personally "not allowing" men to be bisexual? Everyone has their own turn-offs/turn-ons. If barefooted cake-stomping turns you on am I required to like it too? If "titty-fucking" turns me on are my gay male friends required be turned-on by this as well? Are we only allowed to talk about the turn-ons/turn-offs that YOU find acceptable? I am also turned off by "shit porn" and "anorexia porn" - am I allowed to say that by your rules? My lesbian friend likes B2B porn, but not B2G porn - is she allowed to say that? About 1/2 of my straight female friends are equally turned off by B2B AND G2G porn/sex - is THAT ok with you?

I don't see why my personal preferences - in terms of porn or sexual activities that I am willing to participate in/witness/think or fantasize about - matters to anyone but me and the people that I am involved with (who happen to be straight guys and bi-women). I don't think that B2B porn shouldn't exist, or that people shouldn't watch it, or that my preferences are somehow "better" than any others. But, why would I watch porn that turn's me off? To make random bisexual men that I don't know feel better? Should I watch "foot fetish" porn to make the "foot fetishists" feel better - even though it does nothing for me?

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