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Originally Posted by LikeFireToIce View Post
Just because because there is a few messes do you give in? If there are tons of spilled drinks on the kitchen floor, do you replace the tile? No, you clean up the mess. You pick up your mess, and you fix it and it's better, you just have to remember to pick it up. Occasionally you will have to pick up other peoples messes but it is not reason for resentment.

Sweetie, there is no way around what any of us have really said.
Thanks for the good luck, that is much appreciated. I'm glad they intrigue you? I don't know that's kinda creppy, noooo offense Anyways, yeah you are right, I do post these at the peak of my anger and yes all I want is help, Some advice I like, some I don't. But I see what you mean by only I can decide what I want. And nice analogy, again, anologies..... My boyfriend uses A LOT of thise. Are you sure you're not him? Hmmm..... Sorry anyways, if you really are just an on-looker of the situation, then I guess all I can say is, it is a work in prgress. And yeah, I guess I do have to pick up other peoples messes and that they will do the same for me? I'm again, kinda confused on how much you sound like my boyfriend O.o anyways....... Umm yeah thats it.
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