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Originally Posted by TiMCbyats View Post
Personally, when I read something like "male, straight", I just puke, for me that's the end of conversation, even if it has never started. For me, people that belong to the 'norm' are just disgusting.

I want to emphasize, that I don't judge, that's just my 'feelings'.
"I want to puke" is a feeling. "This conversation is over" is a judgement (that they're not worth consideration). "Those people are disgusting" is so obviously a judgement that I shouldn't even have to explain it.

People are judgemental. It's a fact. Everyone has some kind of person that they judge against. Even "open-minded" people judge those who are closed-minded, ignorant, and refuse to be enlightened. I suppose there's some enlightened guru in India who is above all that, but he doesn't have a computer and he certainly doesn't post on forums.

Better, I say (this would be me judging), to accept your judgmentalism and be aware of it when you open your mouth, than to pretend you're not judgemental, and then make a judgemental comment and try to pretend it's not judgemental. That just makes me judge you as lacking self-awareness at best, an outright liar at worst.
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