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Originally Posted by GSAS082612 View Post
I meant I don't need the criticism about my posts, I need criticism on my post. Maybe I post things for a reason. To get help, not to be told that me and my lover deserve each other because we are drama. I am asking for criticism on what I am doing wrong within my relationship, not what I am doing wrong on the polyamory website. TOTAL DIFFERENCE
This is a fair point, so I take back my facepalm. But when all we have are your words, clarity of what's written is REALLY important, so I'm not going to apologize, but I will thank you for the clarification.

I will point out, though, that MOST of the responses you've received have been trying to offer constructive criticism and advice, though possibly in a less-than-patient way. We can't help, nor can you, that your age and experience (or lack thereof) contribute to your situation, choices, and behaviors. That's just a fact, and choosing to ignore it rather than face it tells me a lot about how you've gotten into the difficulties you're in. So don't "bash", in your turn, a bunch of people who have given of their own time to try to help you, just because a few got nitpicky about something other than your current issues. We are not professionals and never claimed to be. You've been told by MANY posters that you need professional help. I doubt you'll listen, but I suggest you walk away from here, since it's not helping you, and GET that professional help.
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