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Greenearthal, thanks for posting that link - I took a look and want to respond to something:

Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
I dislike (and am often confused by) the categorization of relationships. So many of the categorizations seem arbitrary and/or imprecise and I would just as soon live without them and just see relationships as a spectrum and let them find their own level and mutually agreed upon rules.
Yes! This! I have never understood the concept of "well, you're just friends so you shouldn't be doing x, y and z", or "well, if we've had sex together this must mean that we are..." or whatever.

I strongly believe that relationships are what they are, and don't like putting boxes around them. Terms like "friend", "lover", "partner" are descriptive, rather that prescriptive, and should in no way limit what that relationship is, or should be.
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