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Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply
I'm wondering how social pressure on males isn't seen by some as the dominant cause for this orientation?
In my opinion that's probably because all their lifes are conformistic. From my experience, there are some unpopular topics which I use as indicators of someone's way of thinking.

The really important question is 'Are there no positives in existence of social pressure?'.
For me there is at least one- It's really easy to see who's who. Conformists/ mass/ sheeple and thinking individuals are two different categories.

Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply
Another example. Gay male behavior is constantly stereotyped in the media. There is no Lesbian stereotype nearly as strong in popular culture.
From my perspective there are two lesbian stereotypes. One of them is woman who rejects her feminity and the second- woman that looks lesbian, but is bisexual. Example- Is there exist any American movie in which there are two BEAUTIFUL, STRICTLY homosexual women?

By the way, does anybody was trying to find out what most homosexuals think about bi/pansexual men and polyamorists? LOL
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