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Nobody is "bashing" you, although I'm a little astonished that people are still trying to help you given that you've not only ignored just about all the advice you've been offered so far, but have also insulted the people trying to offer it. Having said that though, here goes nothing...

I don't believe that the way you are being treated has anything directly to do with your age. If you are truly looking for solutions to your problems but keep getting the same (consistent and well thought out but apparently unacceptable) advice, then perhaps you need to re-word your questions and offer explanations when you're asked for clarification. If you keep asking the same questions you shouldn't be surprised when you keep getting the same answers. If you re-word the questions and still get the same answers then you need to consider that perhaps they're the only answers applicable to your situation. In other words, 1+2 will continue to equal 3 no matter how many threads you start to double-check it. This will be true even if you ask if 2+1 might equal something different, or what about 1+1+1?

I realise that as this post doesn't contain the digital equivalent of a group hug you will see it as part of the persecution you feel you're suffering, but if you take a few moments to read it instead of jumping straight into the drama of it all you might find it contains some useful advice.
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