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Originally Posted by duane View Post
I am a christian living in the Bible belt of Ky. up until about 6 months ago my life was very normal, than my wife came home with a girlfriend. I didn't know I could love two people but I have fallen in love with her and my wife loves her very much also. My question is: Spiritually are we out of the will of God, 6 months ago I would say yes, but I have been doing a study on the subject and God and Jesus says, we are far better off with one mate but does not say we can't have more than one . Any help out there. Duane
Hi Duane,

I think it might be useful to point out the fact that any religious organization (i.e. christianity etc) is first and foremost a political organization and only secondly a spiritual one. Many of the "rules & regulations" presented as such are private interpretations of particular humans with their own agenda to pursue. These rules etc have only been painted over with what appears to be a spiritual coating to make them easier to swallow and therefor further the existing agenda.

Trust your heart - it's has "higher" connections......

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