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Angry It'd be much appreciated if....

I chose this website to seek help on something I am new at. Something I just got involved with. So maybe I don't know the rules of being poly-fi and I still have dramatic tendencies because I am still young and maybe I have a habit of writing a lot of the same stuff. I don't think nor see that I am. All I am asking for is help, constructive criticism, advice. Not people to bash on me about my age or what is so desperately wrong with my posts. At least I am choosing an outlet in which I want to see different opinions, at least I am trying. THAT IS WORTH SOMETHING! GalaGirl, has been the only one to comment consecutively without bashing me, she has given out what she would do, she has given me constructive criticism, and advice. And yes, I appreciate the time and effort people are using to give me advice, and I will do with it what I may. Maybe I am using the tactics that others have suggested, but it's not working, or it's too soon to tell if it will do any good. You are assuming that I am not working on my relationshop, or that I am too young. and you are thinking rude thoughts about a girl you don't know. Practically being bullies in a sense hiding behind a computer screen and a user name, bashing a young girl who is seeking help. I don't need people to bash me and tell me how "naive and young and stupid" I am. I already know, I live my life. I hear it on a daily basis. Maybe you get off on upsetting a girl who is just trying to get help, or maybe you don't. I don't know and I don't want to assume. But, if your going to bash me instead of give me constructive criticism, I'd prefer you not comment on my post. It's respect you learn it when you're young.
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