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Originally Posted by TiMCbyats View Post

I think, that question shouldn't be "why "poly women" are bisexual ???", but "why "poly men" are mostly monosexual ???".

I want to emphasize, that I don't judge, that's just my 'feelings'.
Great question. I'm wondering how social pressure on males isn't seen by some as the dominant cause for this orientation? It's the single greatest difference between men and women when it comes to sexual persuasion (notice I did not say choice). Cynthia Nixon is spot on with her observation.

And many are missing the view of the forest because all the trees are in the way.

Men aren't allowed to be bi. It's still hotly debated weather or not they're even allowed to be homosexual. Women, on the other hand, are widely accepted as gay, bi, straight, you name it with at least one major part of society allowing each orientation.

For example: bi-women can be portrayed in mainstream porn in a way that is accepted for viewing by anyone who watches porn. Most men who watch porn are turned on by G2G sex as well as G2B sex (Girl Boy for the acronym impaired). Ask those same people if B2B sex is also a turn on in porn and you'll see a steep drop in numbers.

Another example. Gay male behavior is constantly stereotyped in the media. There is no Lesbian stereotype nearly as strong in popular culture. This makes them an easy target for those hate mongers out there seeking a target to vent their anger (usually in terms of pedophilia, think about the number of people who do not want their children to have Gay male teachers).

Even in this forum it is openly acceptable for people to say that the thought of B2B sex is a turn off for them. So far, I have not seen such a visceral reaction regarding G2G sex. And that's in this forum!

This is the 800 pound (364kg) gorilla in the room. And this is a conclusion driven by easy to spot social norms that have been around for a long time. Take them all away with a wave of a wand and I think there would be so much guy-on-guy sex happening that the oldest profession in the world would get a run for its money.

Men are completely fooled into believing they have no choice.
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