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In my opinion it's all about social fear and concepts of masculinity and feminity. Bisexuality/ pansexuality of women and hetero/ homosexuality of men aren't the surprising ones. Personally, when I read something like "male, straight", I just puke, for me that's the end of conversation, even if it has never started. For me, people that belong to the 'norm' are just disgusting. Although polygynous relationships aren't the 'norm', if they are meant to by polygynous, I see them as te same category as monogamy.
From my observations and not only, open-minded women inside (They usually don't show that off.) aren't monosexual, but they have weaker or stronger preferences. About men I wrote above.
I think, that question shouldn't be "why "poly women" are bisexual ???", but "why "poly men" are mostly monosexual ???".

I want to emphasize, that I don't judge, that's just my 'feelings'.

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