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Default Eyes Wide Open

I received a favorable response to this post, and I would like to preserve the bit about how opening our relationship to an "other" really opened my eyes with regards to my husband:

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
My relationship with MrS was good before Dude came along. We weren't perfect, but we were solid. Many of our friends looked at our marriage as the best example of "happy" they had ever seen. Yet still, when (after one of the most tumultuous times of our 20 years together) MrS gave his stamp of approval to my exploring things with Dude..holy shit, MrS came into "focus" in a way that I can only compare to our early NRE days.

THIS man, who has stood beside me through years of my own angst-y shit, who has explored life with me day-by-day-by-dreary-day, who has seen me at my best and my worst - he is still here. Someone I have sometimes taken out my anger on (unwarranted), that I have neglected at times (because he is a fixture in my life), THIS man is here, by my side, through THIS - my exploration of a connection with an "other." Even THIS is not enough to shake his love for me - even though he is uncomfortable at times, even though he is unsure at times, even though he can't predict how things will turn out. Still, here he is, hanging on - to me, to us, to our marriage, to what we have created together. How could I have not seen? How could I NOT love this WONDERFUL man? (Ah-hah! a light - I CAN'T NOT love him...NOW I can really SEE and APPRECIATE this man that is my husband.)
I'm so glad that my experiences can help others on their own Journeys. I'm also glad that I have this venue to write and learn. And I am double/triple glad that my boys are willing to take this Journey with me.

I am a lucky girl!


PS. This morning Dude was looking at me like "that"...the "meaningful" look, not the "I'm horny" look...and I said: "You know that I am the luckiest girl, right?"...his reply: "I married my best friend." An unexpected, left-field, truism.
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