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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
MizJaneQ, you really are brilliant, y'know?

I wasn't married, and didn't have nearly the years in that you did; but this is exactly how I felt. Exactly.
>blush< Thank you, NR, I'm glad that what I wrote captured that feeling well enough that you recognized it as your own.

Originally Posted by ferenc View Post
JaneQ, Thank-you for letting me know others feel this way and there's nothing wrong with me - that's a relief!!

...So I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

JaneQ, are you a counselor? If not, you should be...

No, I am not (officially) a counselor but ... looking at these feelings, and where they come from, comes into play on a daily basis at my job (and, I think, helps me do it better - actually, reading on these forums has accelerated my understanding of my clients lives/feelings - in ways that has nothing to do with poly).

I'm glad that what I had to say was helpful. I was a little afraid that I was a bit too... impassioned? but these are deep and powerful emotions that we are dealing with here. Potentially life-changing.

Reading on these forums, all of these situations, all of these reactions - has really helped me in terms of my own perspectives, and all of the OTHER perspectives out there. I'm glad I could reflect some of this back to you. Your reply to my post really touched me (in so many ways); THIS is what we are here for - to share our experiences and support each other, help make the road a little smoother.

May your journey be enlightening...wherever the roads may lead ("construction zones" and all ).

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