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I've kinda gotten over the fact that my baby isn't my baby anymore. I'm sure I will get hit with it again when he starts dating. My son recently got a computer, but he's limited to 2 hrs a day and has to wait until we get home to get on it. The computer is also in the livingroom because he'd be up all night watching youtube Minecraft videos if we let him.

As for relationship styles, I guess I'm not so much of a traditionalist in my teaching. I've told him that you want to wait to start having kids until after you're done with school and have a job. He knows he was born when I was in college and Runic Wolf was in the Army and how hard it was for me to finish my degree because I couldn't go full time.

My brother never married my nephew's mother and they separated several years ago; he now cohabitates with his new girlfriend and her 3 kids and has my nephew on weekends; my nephew was born when my brother was 17. My middle brother was married and divorced before he was 21 b/c his wife cheated and got knocked up while she was waiting for her orders to be stationed in Japan with him. One of my two sisters had my niece a month after she turned 18, 2 weeks after high school graduation. The father has since decided he didn't want to be an adult after all and left her a month before their wedding day last year. My youngest sister is pregnant; her boyfriend already has a 5 year old. And my parents separated when I was 1, married other people, got back together when I was 24 and marred last summer when I was 30. So my son has been exposed to many different ways that a family comes to be. We've told him that there is no right or wrong way and that families are what you make.
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