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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
That is totally different.

If I were in your particular situation I'd check with my husband to make sure he is at least mostly on board with making things "official" as the guy seems like he is a bit uncomfortable thinking your husband isn't thrilled so you actually KNOW what he thinks.
That is very true and coincidentally my husband actually came to me about this situation. He has been thinking about all of this and has concluded that he is okay with me having a boyfriend.

Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post

Then I'd say "I talked with my husband about things and he is fine with us getting involved (what is it - sexually? romantically? that you are waiting to take the next step on?) and I really like you and wonder if you have interest in being my boyfriend/would like to spend some time alone with you at your place so we can be intimate/have private time together/get naked and roll around" or whatever it is you want the next step to be.
Also, thanks for including this too. It's definitely a good place to start.

I'm seeing the guy on Sunday so I will be telling him about my husband's acceptance and hopefully things go well.
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