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I'm sorry but how is this a question for polyamory? I'm not trying to be rude, just wanting to know the connection.
I agree, there are lots of women out there that will treat you with more respect. Perhaps taking a chance on a woman you may never have in the past may help. Someone you would not normally notice.

I was a lesbian for 10 years before I met my husband. I thought there were no men out there for me. Then I took notice of one that I would never of noticed before and boom, 12 years later. Now I have two men in my life, Mono is another type of man I would never of noticed before. I would of really struggled with him in the past. Heck we struggle now to understand each other. The point is its the heart of someone, their similar values and beliefs that lead to relationship success, not a type of person. At least in my experience.
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