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Thanks all very much for all the participation and feedback - it's really awesome there are so many responses to the survey and so much feedback already! It's pretty much surpassing my hopes for a small study without any rewards.
I talked with my personal statistics guru and my advisor about the feedback we've gotten both on forums and in the survey, and we figured out some ways we will be able to make our next study more inclusive. We will be able to collect and analyse data about multiple significant others, which seems, with good and obvious reason, to be the biggest concern. I'm really excited about that on both an ethical front and a good research front. Having the feedback about how much we were missing was really crucial in making that change, so thanks again for taking the time to provide it!
We will have to keep our next study in the current relationship area to keep it really couples research relevant, but I am going to pass the idea of "non-monogamous for all relationships", "non-monogamous for most relationships", "non-monogamous for some relationships", "non-monogamous for a few relationships" and "monogamous for all relationships" on to other researchers who are not purely couples-focused.

The questionnaire about which you and others are expressing frustration really is a limitation, and the consent issue was something I was pretty sure would pop up, since it's, well, a really obvious issue. Whenever I participate in research, I always end up arguing with the surveys in my head about how I don't like the questions or how the answer would depend on the circumstances. The questionnaires that we use as the measurement tools in psychology research are so limited by the process we have to use to put them together to work as tools. Even worse, most of the questionnaires go through their development process with mostly white, heterosexual, probably monogamous, middle-class college students, because those are the people researchers can access with limited resources, so they are based on a very narrow viewpoint. And yet, we have to use the scientific measures that have gone through the testing process to confirm that they are valid, so we know we're using a (reasonably) accurate tool of measurement, and can get the research out into the world to be seen. The worst part is that we actually tweaked it to make it more poly- relevant and less heteronormative, but we were limited on how much more we could change it before we ruined its scientific validity.

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Good luck on the research!
Thank you!

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