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Thank you guys! This really loving and helpful, particularly the books and websites. Scary too. Raising a kid is endless work.

I am going to stop him from watching. That's just my decision, and it may come from my conflicts about porn (but I think those have a both an aesthetic and political basis and that's not way off.)

I think my major problems came from 1. learning that he can and will lie and hide things. 2. Coping with losing a "baby". 3, My own conflicts about being poly and how to impart the lesson as he grows older. If you are mono - you might teach the grow up and get married model, but in our case, that's not true, so what DO you teach them. It would be easier for me if I had always been poly or thought I was born poly - but honestly, I'd rather bee mono- I just am unable to get enough needs met in my marriage (and my husband feels the same way). But most of us are taught you get married and live happily ever after (or divorce). What do you teach the kids when yr life isn't like that? What if you are conflicted about your romantic life yourself?

I guess THAT's what I'm really struggling with. Do people in open relationship[s expect/teach their kids to have that too?
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