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Default Exit Stage Left, Enter Stage Right

As disappointing as D.C. was, there are some really great positives in my life. A FWB contacted me yesterday saying he's ready to resume things if I am still interested and Thad and I had a date last night.

My FWB is a talented blues musician. He and I have great chemistry; we're both so comfortable with each other. We never had to get past an awkward stage, we just hit the ground running. (I'm going to have to look back to see if I mentioned him and named him in earlier posts.)

The other person I have that with is Thad. He stayed over at my house for the first time last night. First time for him at my house, and it was also the first time a lover has stayed over at my house. I'm seriously sleep deprived today. Thad puts a whole new spin on cuddly. It's more of a crush hold. A delicious entanglement of limbs with an arm locking you in and holding you against him.

WP has been kind of radio silent the past couple of weeks. His work is keeping him busy, but I have suspicions that he's using his free time pursuing new conquests rather than taking the time to say hi. I'll see he's active on Gmail and then I'll see he's on OKC. If that relationship fades I'm okay with it. I've said all along that all of these new relationships would find their own level.

Right now both Thad and the yet-to-be-named blue musician have said they'd like to see me regularly and that's more than enough to keep me from having too much time on my hands and feeling loved.
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