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So new development. I have a boyfriend! Whee! It feels so silly to say that. I haven't had a boyfriend since high school. Life is funny.

Whip and I have decided to recognize that yes, we were actually in a relationship. I didn't expect this to happen and neither did he.

We had talked about it some before and he mentioned the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I was hesitant to use those terms as they imply in my mind committment and a more long term relationship. We talked again recently and made sure we were on the same page. So we are non-committed boyfriend and girlfriend. I've never tried something like this before. All of my relationships have always had at least the possiblity of long term. But he has to look for work all over the country - which I understand - and I think I am not quite ready for something serious and committed just yet. I was pleased we wanted the same thing - expectations that don't line up can be very hurtful.

So I'm a bit giddy. :-)
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