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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
You're all assuming this is a stepping-on-cake fetish. I'm not saying you're wrong... but maybe he's just a joker, and this is his way to weed out people with no sense of humour.

Maybe he's a foodie, and wouldn't even consider dating someone who would abuse cake in such a manor, even for love.

Maybe he really hates cake and wants to find someone who shares his passion for destroying cake in the funnest way possible.

Now I want to see what it feels like to step barefoot on cake...
Oh, he's talking cake. I couldn't resist drawing him out a bit more. Part two of his fetish is that he really, really desires that after stepping in cake that you wipe your feet off on his white carpet.

I was out to dinner with friends and I mentioned this. My best friend was like, "YES!" She'd love to walk in cake and squish it and then wipe her feet on his carpet.

I don't think this would be something I'd have a hard time doing and I think it may be fun; my worry would be that this would be such a consuming desire that it would eclipse everything else. I'd be like, "Cake, cake and more cake. Enough already!"
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