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Originally Posted by quila View Post
I knew that would get your attention...

I believe that it's the PEOPLE, not the relationships, that are monogamous or polyamorous. Relationships themselves are exclusive or non-exclusive.

I agree with this statement in many cases. I find that the idea of mono/poly wiring does in fact dictate some peoples behaviors within and toward relationships. I also believe that social conditioning and conscious choice can dictate this as well.
The genetic proof based on recent studies is re-enforcing my own belief in genetic dispositions for monogamy and non monogamy in some people therefore I am more and more convinced that for many people relationship behavior is predestined as is sexual orientation in some cases.

I like this take and prefer it to many I have read. Thanks for broadening my perspective in this and adding a valuable opinion to a healthy and interesting discussion.

I am editing this just to add I am actually a little blown away by how simple and yet personally "perfect" I find your idea to be. WOW! Hope you don't mind me steeling this train of thought!

Peace and Love

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