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Originally Posted by will View Post
Ifrom nerdy girls to bad girls, and everything inbetween i can never get it right
and financially- which btw is actually the easiest of the three).. whats wrong with me?
There are "the same types of women" in all those categories... but it sounds like all the women you've chosen have one thing in common: they like rich guys who take care of them. Believe it or not, that does NOT describe all women!

Originally Posted by will View Post
[I](is it really i'm just choosing the wrong women?
Pretty much, yeah...

I've never found truly rewarding relationships ANY TIME that I was "looking for something." But the moment I STOPPED looking, happiness always fell into my lap.

In your shoes, with so many failed attempts, I would honestly talk to a counsellor to figure out what need you're trying to fill with these women, and find a way to fill it yourself. Then, when you don't "need" anything from the women, you'll stop finding women who need something from you...
I do not need a label to define me. Labels are sticky and I hate the glue they leave behind.
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