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Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post
How did you track it to oxytocin? Do you mean in yourself, or the other?
In myself.

Being of limited resources (and apparently limited capacity to influence healthcare professionals) a lot of it has had to come from awareness of my own body.

I noted that the changes in mood and the physical reactions happened after periods of intimate (though not necessarily sexual) contact. There is only a limited number of reactions the body has as a reaction to touch, oxytocin being one of them. With oxytocin's role in increasing pair bonding and engendering feelings of trust with someone else, you can draw the conclusion that oxytocin is the most likely actor.

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
I suspect that like most things, oxytocin interacts in a complex way with other chemicals in the body and that it is affected also by what we do with our bodies and how we interpret the world around us.

Rises in oxytocin are also associated with stroking pets. Dogs also experience rises in oxytocin when interacting with humans (and probably other dogs too).

Probably the scientific speak for "fuck if we know" is right about it.

Candace Pert writes some good stuff about neurotransmitters - particularly about the influence of the mind and the body on each other. Her books are written for lay people so quite easy to follow.

Here's a youtube video:

I also rather like Bruce Lipton's book Biology of Belief which covers some epigenetics - so more about how the environment around us can influence the way our bodies work.

Fascinating stuff.
Indeed, I'd not seen that video, thank you.

I actually brought it up here because I think the poly community has a little more insight and experience with the effects of oxytocin than others might. We recognize its influence and we even have a term for it; "new relationship energy."
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