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Default Earn money from your Poly Blog or Twitter

Hi Guys,

I started in November to run a pilot initiative called to cut a long story short it got too much for me to run for free. But it goes against the grain to profit from community spirit. So I decided to create an affiliate business model where those who advertise our community get 50% in referral fees for every new subscription (no cap!). In this way I hope to help the community benefit as well. You can sign up to be an affiliate WITHOUT EVEN SIGNING UP TO THE WEBSITE. You can earn money, without spending a penny (or a dime as you guys in the States say). Or you can sign up and get your membership back with two referrals. I've created some beautiful banners to get you started. If you want more, or different sizes, just say so.

But there's more...some of us poly people dont have blogs etc. There is a possibility simply to sign up for an affiliate account and tweet out a link (and earn the same commission from it). The membership prices are very reasonable and come with a 30 day free trial. We are small - but growing. And hopefully with this initiative will grow even further. Here's to loving more.

Louisa xx See more here:
Louisa (website addict, entrepreneur, founder of The Vagina Times & Multiple Match among others...genius at implementing ideas which are apparently not profitable)
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