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Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post
There is more than one congregation here and I have no idea how to make the decision which one to start going to regularly.

Seeking a spiritual center which both my love and I can share was more because I am Pagan and he is Christian.
I encourage you to visit several congregations. They will likely be very different. I also encourage you to talk candidly with the minister and/or lay leaders of each congregation. UUPA has trifold brochures on its website that you can carry with you for the minister and leaders, if you'd like.

Congregations that have a "Welcoming Congregation" designation have done extensive work around inclusion for bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender people. This isn't the same as doing work around polyamory, but the concepts and language are similar. The "Find a Congregation" function will tell you which congregations are designated "Welcoming Congregations."

If you'd like to, you can ask on the UUPoly email list if anyone has recommendations. You have to subscribe to post. There's a link to it on the UUPA website. Note that UUPoly has open archives.
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