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Originally Posted by jasminegld View Post
An independent group called UU Christian Fellowship (UUCF,, is connected with Unitarian Universalism. UUCF leadership knows about polyamory. I'm a member of UUCF and a trustee of UUs for Polyamory Awareness.

It's possible to be either poly or Christian or both in a UU church, and be fully welcomed and included. You might need to provide a little education, but it's well worth it. I'd be happy to talk with you or your husband more, here, on the UUPoly email list, or in private email.

Thanks for reaching out to me Jasmine. I will definitely explore the link in depth. I've already clicked on it. And I will PM you if I have any questions. I am glad you can be both in the UU church. I doubt the UUs will ever disappoint when it comes to how embracing they are to different people of myriad backgrounds and perspectives. I am excited to start attending this coming weekend. And I would like to be involved in more than a superficial way. There is more than one congregation here and I have no idea how to make the decision which one to start going to regularly.

Seeking a spiritual center which both my love and I can share is mainly to do with the fact that I am Pagan and he is Christian. There are some churches, many within the Black community, which would encourage we both be of the same faith etc etc. I would rather be apart of a spiritual community which affirms diversity and life.

Edit: Forgot to add. I'm not married . But a handfasting is something we would like to do.

Are you a polyamorist or non-monogamous individual between the ages 18-35? Are you located in New York State or the Northeast?
Join us at The Network, a social and socially aware network which connects young polys and progressive polys of all ages.

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