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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Thank you.
If that was for me, de rien

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
I think certainly that if I can manage to love while knowing it probably will be lost and then deal with the loss without it stopping me from loving again, then maybe it will be fine to go through life without a husband and children.

I do hope so because I have no intention of getting married or having children.

Maybe it could be seen as freeing? There is no safe way to set up life so I (and any one of us) are free to do it the way we want.
For me it was freeing. Does it to help to hear that I never planned to marry or have children. I'm not done living, but I am fairly certain, at this point, that I have now lived longer than half my life. And I'm not sorry.

I've had moments, some more challenging than others. I have had moments of desperate baby-craving. And now that I'm older, I do wonder about stuff that could happen since I have no children to care for me. My auntie took as good care as she could of her auntie who was childless and in her 90s. Her mind went, and her caretaker ran off with anything that might have been valuable (sentimental or monetary). Very sad.

But I've never been proud, and never been overly attached to my stuff, nor my independence. Odd, that not being attached, and not necessarily wanting to be independent, has led to never marrying.

Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
All lives will have their sad periods and their happy ones regardless of how they are structured and so I can life as I want without blaming myself for making bad choices just because I don't choose to do what's expected of me as a woman. I very much hope that I can keep this in mind as I go on through this grief.
This is lovely. I know *I* will keep it in mind. It's comforting to me, to hear about those of us who choose to do what WE want, and not necessarily what's expected.

{moar hugs for IP}
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