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Thank you so much for your advice...

A little side note... We have a D/s relationship, mostly in the bedroom but is overflowing into everyday life... I am his sub.

The things that stands out to me most, are finding out the root of my jealousy and fear. What i most fearful of, is that he has a pattern that I know has repeated itself atleast twice.

He left his primary partner for their sub, or secondary, then left that sub for me. am i next on the chopping block?? we have open conversations about this & he reassures me that it won't happen. But you know when you have something at the back of your mind & it wont go away

Since writing my post, & reading your advice, I feel differently. I understand that i have to stop comparing myself emotionally to our new partner & remember that each relationship IS unique & that he really does value our love. It is very obvious, as he does put my needs first. He has clearly stated that if Im not feeling the bond or am not ok with the relationship,we will end it with her.

The two of us girls went out last night by ourselves, we have a very different bond to any other woman I have been with. She is also a sub & we have similar backgrounds & experiences... so we connect on so many levels.

All three of us feel connected in different ways.....I dont want to label our relationship, I just want to be, if that makes sense. i feel positive that we are all moving in the right direction for this to work.

Galagirl.... i am sooo new to all of this that I dont know what TMI refers to, please excuse my ignorance. I also need to stop probing for information that I'm not ready to hear, I bring that on myself... ie: "I love you"
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