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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Nature doesn't care about consent, it cares about making babies. Anything that facilitates making babies provides a species-survival advantage.
Glad I muscled through this whole thread before responding; I figured one of you clever folks would say it before I got to it.

There was some back and forth about bisexuality being a "phase" (suddenly I'm moved to put quotes in places where they don't belong). It's important to remember that there are not only a few sexual orientations. It's not a three way switch (yuk yuk), it's a continuum. Those of us who are primarily hetero with only fleeting homosexual tendencies (or vice verse) probably perpetuate this perception of it being a phase. While I've had my experimentation with men, it is FAR from a lifestyle I want to adopt. I can imagine how someone would call that a phase, not realizing that it just isn't a part of my life anymore because the drive is not very significant - it wasn't just something I did because I was experimenting.

And, bisexual women are superior to hetero or homo women? Really? My own greedy interest in being involved with unicorns aside... show me something that isn't a sweeping, backhanded generalization or put that shit back in your pants. That's just rude.
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