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When i ask these type of questions it turns into an argument.
Why? Simple conversation is not reasonable here?

HOW do you talk to her? HOW does it turn into an argument?

Its all my fault that i feel that way. Im the one with the issues not her kind of thing. That i am negative. She broke up with me once because i questioned her.
Are you actually negative or is she flipping it around on you because she does not want to be held accountable to the same expectation/standard of relationship? Or BOTH things?

Then wont talk to me and treats me like i am invisible. Then says she
deserves to be treated better.
So she does not give you the right to responsiveness. She ignores you.

But she wants a different standard of treatment for herself? What behavior does she list that would be "better treatment" like she deserves? How have you been treating her prior to this that was bad?

That i dont support her. Which is untrue. I have been under stress and pressure lately. She gives me no comfort.
How do you demonstrate support toward her? With what kind of behavior? Can you give examples?

What comfort do you want? Is it reasonable, realistic requests she is able to do that you ask of her? HOW do you ask it of her? With what words?

Ive asked for a date night with her. Just her and i. She wont do it. I am so confused and hurt.
Alright. She doesn't want to go on a date. There's serious relationship stuff going on. So... yah. I could see not wanting to hang out on a date til that gets sorted. Can you?

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