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When i ask these type of questions it turns into an arguement. Its all my fault that i feel that way. Im the one with the issues not her kind of thing. That i am negative. She broke up with me once because i questioned her. Then wont talk to me and treats me like i am invisible. Then says she deserves to be treated better. That i dont support her. Which is untrue. I have been under stress and pressure lately. She gives me no comfort. Ive asked for a date night with her. Just her and i. She wont do it. I am so confused and hurt.
I asked her if i should see other people. She said if your sleeping with others i wont sleep with you anymore. I said should i get another gf. She siad thats up to you. I just dont get it
Ive been tempted to say something but it will blow up. I will be the one with the issue. She will close up even more. I hate arguing with her. She always wins.

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