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I dont even know where to begin. We have been dating for close to a year. Last week she tells me how in love she is with me and that she is so lucky. I would see her she would be cuddly and affectinate. Next thing i know she doesnt text or email me anymore. I got used to that. It stopped.
I texted her saying hi how are you. I asked her if we are ok. She says yes just going with the flow right.
It feels like she is distancing herself. I love her a lot. I cherish her friendship and her. Maybe i expect too much. Its just when someone gives you so much for so long then it aruptly stops of course i am going to ask questions. Im not seeing anyone else bc we closed the relationship and i really have no desire to share myself with another right now. She doesnt care if i see anyone else. She also told me the situation is complicated and she has big decisions she needs to make.
How do i get myself out of this mono mind set? Ive never been mono, but with her i want to be. I just am not attracted to anyone else. When we are together for me anyway its amazing. We laugh, cuddle and talk about all kinds of stuff. I miss that.
I havent been easy to deal with. I have been insecure. I try to talk about relationship stuff but it comes out wrong and i think i push her away.
I just want someone to talk too.

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