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A quick update. H and K had a heart to heart last week, and I guess we broke up, however after some reflection they are working on the friendship the two of the had that started some of this. Both are taking some personal time to read and study about their own adventure into poly and their bi sexuality. This was a first experience for both of them. K has even started posting some on this forum. I'll let her expose her name on here if she chooses.

Now they are sharing resources and planning on spending some time together without me, to work on that friendship. I have decided to just back off as much as I can and let them both know i am proud of they for addressing their concerns and talking to each other. I really didn't realize how deep the wedge had been driven between the two of them and between all of us. I was blindly happy because I knew they both loved me.

In short I don't know where this all is heading but I am glad my two best friends are at least starting to talk to each other and open their ears and hearts to what the other has to say. Time will tell, but we have all shared way too much to kill our special friendship.
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