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Originally Posted by GSAS082612 View Post
Those are only some of the issues we are trying to deal with. For the sake of them, what am I doing wrong? But really, what can I do to help with ANY of the situations?
First, calm down. You sound like you are losing your shit and need to take a deep breath and back away from this. Do you have a friend you can stay with for a couple of days? Seriously, while you guys are all (apparently) foaming at the mouth, I assure you that there can be no progress.

Second, change your sig: "Closed Polyfidelitous Triad". I say this because, the reason you are trapped in this relationship the way it is set up is because you have volunteered to be trapped in it. I live by right, not permission, which means that I do not have to either ride the horse or shoot it in the head.

In the end, this is a problem that the three of you seem to have worked very hard to create. Stop complaining about what THEY do and take some responsibility for what YOU are going to do with YOUR life. You sound like someone who thinks they are a victim, and that can only be true if you insist that it is.
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