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She was not the type to be treated poorly, she simply would not allow it, had no patience for it. Her enneagram 9 demanded peaceful interaction in accordance to her values and ego, and if that was superceded, it ran into her 8 wing which brought out the stubborn fighter in her. So even though they had danced and she had stolen his kisses, and even though her body wanted to, she still did not intend to go home with him. They bantered back and forth a few vollied retorts and then he walked out of the bar. Sighing, she resigned herself to her fateful cold drive home, as usual.

She bid her friends goodnight, and headed into the frosty night air to her car, and was almost to it when she heard him call to her, "Hey, wait a minute!"

"Hmph," she thought, turning around. But she looked up into those nice eyes and handsome face and thought about how warm he looked and how good he kissed, and told him she wan't interested in being with some guy who couldn't find anyone else to go home with.

"But it's you I want to be with, see," He made it sound almost as if she had been right, yet not. As if he wanted her to be left questioning his intent, but not questioning so much as to squelch the encounter. He wanted to leave her guessing. He was good.

She did what women do in that situation, and she hated herself for it, but biology is biology and some things were destined to be. The playing hard to get when both of you know it's futile, but you do it anyway because you have to. When he finally gained, after just a few pathetic minutes, access to the interior of her car, she leaned in and kissed him, and drove him home, which was rather close.

He was very kind and considerate of her. There was a care there that bordered on warm fondness, what she had noticed when she'd been with other Others. Which reinforced for her again he wasn't just a random stranger. That part was so necessary for her, because it was the meaning behind it that meant everything, that Master was indeed pulling these strings and putting into play what she wanted. She must have done something right to be rewarded in this way.

Into his small no-nonsense condo they went, a typical bachelor pad; carpet, couch, tv, and computer (actually she didn't notice a computer but knew it was somewhere), with no adornments whatsoever, shades of brown; the requisite clueless roommate, rubbing his eyes and quietly disappearing.

After making out on the couch, he threw down a semi-comfy brown comforter and indicated she was to get upon it. She knew Master was watching, always knew he was watching in his way. And she hoped she was pleasing him, but it was not in the forefront of her mind. She was simply enjoying this heated moment with Hottie, and connecting with him. She loved kissing him (loved the subtle taste of cigarettes in his mouth!) and snuggling him most, as was often the case in the recent past. The others were like that, they were cuddlers, and seemed to really just bask in her affections that way.

She sucked his hard cock, and choked herself on it, taking it in deep enough to gag and cough up slimy mucous. He was lying back on the blanket, moaning, enjoying her ministrations. She didn't want to stop, but at the same time didn't want to make him come just yet--they were just getting started! They moved on to other fleshly pursuits, and they talked some in-between, which added a warmth to their mental communion as their bodies were warming up. It was about here, in the soft whisperings of feelings and thoughts which marked her lovemaking style, that she mentioned Master for the first of many times, and asked Hottie if he had been sent. He replied simply, with the sweetest of smiles that he was, "A gift."

The hours slipped away, as they will in those sensuous nights where time has no meaning. Neither one of them had come yet, and in one of the pauses while she was sitting sideways in his arms and her long legs were thrown across his, he reached down with his left hand and started probing her pussy lips. Into it went one finger, then another, and with nearly-expert movement, he began playing them inside her. Deeper, twisting, turning, they went while he paid close attention to what she liked, what made her moan. When he (and she) discovered what it that her body most responded to, he applied more pressure, and somewhat more speed, and continued the action as her moaning increased. It wasn't long before her head was thrown back and she was succumbing to a vaginal orgasm the likes of which she had never had before. The proof slopped over his fingers and he seemed moderately pleased with what he had accomplished.

From there on, the energy seemed strongest with him dominating her and pleasing her. And her pussy. It was obvious that he enjoyed it if a hard cock is any proof of that. But he didn't seem to want to be the recipient himself. Though she wanted her partners to come, if left to her own intentions, she always just felt the energy out and usually went with it. If she were told to make him come, she would have gladly and thankfully done whatever it took to get him off. Otherwise, she luxuriated in being the queen of this night, and in learning how much her body liked this new pleasure, the mechanics of it, but also the power he let her know he was holding back.

She wondered in the back of her mind why he was holding it back, and hoped it was because he wanted to go slowly with her and be with her again, and allow it to evolve bit by bit, so she would become his in some submissive way. He knew she was Master's but he also seemed to (want to) assume some control over her, that he knew could be his for the taking. At one point in this mindset, he was on top of her making love to her, with his eyes boring into hers as his right hand slid surreptitiously upon her collarbone and lower neck. She knew he was showing her his power over her and loved it, wanted more, but knew her place was to receive not demand. Patience, my Precious, patience. Several times he had seemed like he wanted to end their encounter, yet he would always begin kissing her again, which would lead to his hand pleasuring her again. He told her to come again in that way they were learning she liked and she obliged him gladly, asking afterward how many fingers he had pleasured her with. He said only two which shocked her because it had felt like four. She was sore, but delightedly so. Mmmm.

Morning came unbidden (at least for her) as they are wont to do, and he terminated the encounter by mentioning something about work. She took the cue and dressed quickly, accidentally forgetting to put on her best pair of black lacy panties in the process, and leaving her black leopard-print gloves to boot. He queried kindly if she didn't want to warm up her car? To which she replied in the negative and as she turned to kiss him she saw his bookshelf was laden with books, which she hadn't previously taken time to notice. This pleased her. And she made a mental note to talk about books next time. If Master deemed there would be a next time.

Thank you, Master. Twas a very pleasant and much appreciated Gift.

in luce vive, vive in amore

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